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All types of Rhinoplasty Surgery are done in Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Centre. Nose is at the center of face. It is cosmetically most important. Proper shape & size of nose gives cosmetically beautiful face with increased confidence. Depressed bridge of nose is corrected by cartilage taken from Chest Wall (Rib), Nasal Septum or Ear or Artificial Silicon Prosthesis is used.

Correction of rounded tip is called Tipplasty. It can be done alone or with correction of bridge. Tip is made sharper and height of tip is also increased.

Wide nasal base is also made narrower which gives cosmetically improved look.

In deformity following injuiry, the alignment of bony framework is restored and necessary corrections are made.

In "Rhinoplasty", incision line is placed inside nasal opening or over the Collumella. Hence they are well hidden, no external scar mark is visible. This is done either under local or general anaesthesia. Patient is discharged on the same day or next day. The results obtained are permanent.

Correction of shape of nose is often required for

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