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Precautions To Be Followed After Breast Surgery – Dr. Arindam Sarkar

Cosmetic Surgery in Kolkata is a growing concept. It’s seen that there are so many people who are getting various types of cosmetic surgeries done. Breast Surgery Kolkata is one of such concepts that has gained enormous popularity in the last few years.

Kolkata has always been a place where new innovations are always welcomed. So is the case with breast surgery. There are so many people who are getting this surgery done. Reasons for undergoing the surgery may be different for people but the ultimate satisfaction with the treatment is the same for all. Though initially most of the people are doubtful about getting the surgery done. But usually once they go through the surgery they feel confident and satisfied about their post surgery look.

However there are some points that you need to know after getting the surgery done. Some of the points below mentions about precautions to take post breast surgery:

  • Post surgery, take as much rest as possible and avoid any exercise.

  • It is seen that usually it takes about four to six weeks to recover post surgery. During that time you should refrain from lifting heavy weight.
  • If you are considering boarding a flight after breast surgery, we would advise you to  wait for 2 weeks to fly short-haul, and if you intend to fly long-haul we would recommend you to plan your flight after 6 weeks.

  • It’s always suggested that you should strictly follow your doctor’s advice before consuming alcohol before and after undergoing breast surgery.

  • We also advise you to take proper instructions from your surgeon about taking a bath during the recovery period. Your doctor will be able to explain to you exactly how to take shower during recovery time.

  • It is also advised to avoid exposure to UV rays during recovery time. Mostly the time that we suggest is 6 weeks. So before that you must avoid direct exposure to the sun.

  • You have to also use a bra that is advised to be used post surgery till your body recovers.

  • Last but not the least, adequate rest is very essential for effective recovery post surgery. So always follow your doctor’s advice for quick recovery.

We understand taking the decision to undergo breast surgery is not so simple. But this is definitely a life changing experience with so many advantages.  Breast surgery Kolkata is still emerging and there are highly experienced cosmetic surgeons whom you can refer. You can keep following our blogs to know more about the latest cosmetic surgeries in Kolkata and complete details and facts about the surgery that you are planning to undergo.