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Rhinoplasty Surgery / Nose Surgery

With changing lifestyles and modernization demand of makeover is growing. Everyone wants to have perfect look. The benefits of cosmetic procedures have made it possible. Of all cosmetic procedures Rhinoplasty is most popular to reshape the nose. This can change ones personality and boost up confidence. Nose is the prominent feature and defining characteristic of your face. It may get deformed due to "accidents", "diseases" or "since birth". However, to make any change to it requires surgery. Not only the shape but changes caused by injury can be improved. Rhinoplasty Surgery Kolkata can change or reshape some parts of your nose. This surgical procedure is frequently performed at Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Centre.

Nose Surgery is often required for:

Liposuction is a method of removal of excess body fat from localised areas like "chin", "breast", "arm", "abdomen", "stomach area", "thigh", "buttock", "calf" & "ankle" etc.

Rhinoplasty is the third most popular surgery in India. The technique involves placing the incision line inside nasal opening. The process is done under local or general anaesthesia. It improves the appearance enhancing facial harmony and self-confidence. Rhinoplasty in Kolkata is customized depending on individual needs. Good treatment plan and knowing the requirements is important for successful results. Schedule consultation with highly skilled plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Arindam Sarkar. His vast knowledge and remarkable accreditations "guarantee safe", "comfortable" and "beneficial experience".

Rhinoplasty Surgery can Change:

  • Nose size making it more appealing
  • Wide Nasal base made narrower
  • Nose tip reduction or enlargement
  • Large, wide or upturned nostril reshaping
  • Nasal asymmetry or nose deviation
  • Rounded tip correction done with bridge
  • Depressed bridge of nose corrected by cartilage

Rhinoplasty Surgery Cost in Kolkata

Usually, the cost factor depends on purpose of surgery and its requirements. After thorough consultation and examination of condition the cost can be determined. However, the total Rhinoplasty surgery cost in Kolkata is quite competitive and affordable. For more details you can have discussion with Dr. Arindam Sarkar.