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Q.1 : Is it permanent & does it grow ?

Ans : It is permanent & grows after hair cut or shaving. Growth starts after 6 wks.

Q.2 : Is it painful ?

Ans : Done under local anaesthesia and not painful.

Q.3 : Age & complications ?

Ans : Can be done at any age in an adult. Our youngest patient is of 22 years of age and eldest patient is of 69 years age. No major complication if patient does not have Medical Complication like Diabetes, Heart disease etc. No risk of injury to Brain.

Q.4 : Any visible scar mark ?

Ans : Hair is taken from back of scalp and closer is done by Trichophytic technique, so that no visible scar mark at the donor site. Hair grows through the scar line. Fine needle marks at the recepint area are completely invisible.

Q.1 : How it helps ?

Ans : Fat is removed through small cuts, reduces in inch primarily, along with weight is also reduced.

Q.2 : Does fat again appears ?

Ans : Fat cells are removed after rupturing of cells by suction. Hence, they are permanently removed from operated area. Regular exercise and diet control is recomended.

Q.3 : How much fat can be removed at a time ?

Ans : Liposuction is done upto 10% of body weight at a time. Maximum 10 - 12 Ltrs can be done in one sitting.

Q.4 : After how many days normal life returns ?

Ans : Pressure garment is given for 2 - 3 months. Normal walking in home can be resumed in 2 days. Morning walk by 7-10 days, gym by 6 weeks.

Q.1 : How it is done ?

Ans : Enlargement is done by silicon implant, lift can be done by either implant or without implant, with breast tissue it self called Mastopexy.

Q.2 : Does it hamper with breast feeding ?

Ans : Implant is placed under the chest muscle (pectoralis major) or below the gland itself. It does not hamper breast feeding.

Q.3 : Scar ?

Ans : In enlargement by implant the Scar is below the breast at inframammary line which is not visible, or along areola margin. In Breast lift or mastopexy one midline scar visible below areola which fades with time usually.

Q.4 : What is hospital stay ?

Ans : Implant is usualy day care surgery. Reduction and lift needs 1 -2 day stay.

Q.1 : How it is done ?

Ans : Done by Liposuction & Excision of Breast Disk.

Q.2 : Is any Scar Mark visible ?

Ans : No visible scar. Incision is given at the junction of Areola and Skin margin.

Q.3 : Does it reappear ?

Ans : No it does not, as the Breast Disk is removed. Patient is advised to wear a pressure garment for 6 weeks after surgery so that loose skin does not sag down.

Q.1 : How depressed nose is corrected ?

Ans : By Cartilage from Nose or Ear or Rib. Silicon implant may be used, which may be of 2 types. Dorsal implant and L shaped implant.

Q.2 : How Tip is made sharp ?

Ans : This is called Tip Plasty. Displaced cartilages are apposed by suture. No visible scar mark is left.

Q.3 : Can broad base be corrected ?

Ans : Yes can be made narrower.

Q.4 : How long is recovery time ?

Ans : Patient is discharged on same or next day. One Plaster is kept for 4-5 days over the nose.