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Ear Reconstruction Surgery / Otoplasty

Ear reconstruction surgery is a specialized kind of plastic surgery. Also known as Otoplasty. This process corrects abnormalities of the ears. Problems "split ear lobule", "Bat ear correction" done using tissue from body.

Ear surgery in Kolkata is done to those with underdeveloped or lost normal ear. With complex technique to re-model the ear cartilage, the ear is reshaped. Ear defects are corrected by tissue expanders and implant silicone prosthesis. Correction of Microtia; i.e. small deformed ear by birth is a multistage procedure. Ear framework is made from "rib cartilage" & placed in a skin pocket or covered with skin graft. Using a piece of cartilage from an individuals ribcage to form the framework for the ear.

An incision is made on the back of the ear and the cartilage gets exposed. Then the cartilage is modified depending on the plan. In addition the angle between ear and head is reduced. After this the permanent stitches are used to retain the ear. Bandage is placed on the ear to heal it well. This surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. However, patient should be careful and should not sleep sideways.

Dr. Arindam Sarkar is well known surgeon for "Ear Reconstruction in Kolkata. He delivers excellent results due to the advancement in reconstructive surgery. Thus; "Otoplasty in Kolkata" is performed to deliver proven results.

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Pre Operative                    Post Operative
Ear Reconstruction in Kolkata

Pre Operative                    Post Operative
Otoplasty in Kolkata